Angry Bird doorstop


I found a free angry bird crochet pattern for free on the internet, from it was a really good pattern but smaller than what I wanted as it was only hand size, so I had a play with the pattern and made a new one. This pattern, like the hello kitty one (see previous post) was done in single crochet (U.S) / double crochet (U.K.) and I used a 5mm crochet hook. It measures roughly 9 inches tall including the feathers on his head.

I filled it with an old elastic band ball to give it some weight as my boyfriend wanted to use it as a door stop, he is really pleased with it and I’m now going to attempt to make the rest!

Hello Kitty


I recently purchased a hello kitty pattern from etsy (seller: siemprejosefina) It was a really easy pattern to follow, especially since I had not done anything like this before. It is all done in single crochet (U.S)/double crochet (U.K) and I made it for my friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday and she loved it!

See my photo’s below, there’s a few things i would change the next time I make it, but I’m pretty happy with it overall 🙂 I’m going to try to write a pattern to make it bigger for the next one I make. If I do I will post it on here if I get the chance.

Hello world!


So this is the first post! Time for some information about me.

I love doing crochet. I am pretty new to crochet and have been teaching myself from videos and websites off the internet. I live in the U.K so when I talk about stitch names they may not be the same for everybody but each time I explain a new crochet stitch I will do step by step instructions so you should be able to find out what they are called in the U.S. etc.

I will be putting some basic stitches up in the next couple of days and will then start putting patterns on there with photo’s of crochet that I have done etc.

I am currently crocheting a few items at the moment, a granny square blanket, a scarf and some animal door stops.

I like to feel challenged by the crochet that I do and love learning new stitches and patterns.

I hope that this blog is both useful and interesting to others.